Denial has been pierced, shame cannot survive in the light

When I read these words;

There is a deep yearning inside me to have a lasting and meaningful relationship with someone, but it scares me, because if you let yourself get too close, you cannot trust that you won’t be abandoned again. That fear of rejection…The way I take care of this is to reject the other person first. They never have a chance!”

This hit home as #metoo. I am a walking proof that no adoptee says; “I want to work on my adoption issues” I have a strong rational brain that understand and compensates for my start in life.

But December 2016 my ‘pandora’s box’ was blown wide open and if I am honest I did not want to close it.

Looking back at my intense transformational year I believe I have found a short cut to process the memory of being abandoned and trust the process of change to break my own fears and repeat patterns.

I want to share with you my thoughts when I came to realise I want to let go of my shame;

My defining moment was when I was only wearing shorts and bra half way up a snow mountain at - 19°Celsius in winds up to 80mph when I felt my Innerfire for the first time. The cold led me deeper into myself because I had to consciously reconnect into my physiology to endure it. 

Now I am not saying everyone needs to climb a snow mountain in shorts, but I believe by sharing my journey and the techniques that have worked for me and as a qualified WHM instructor. I can help others bridge the gap back to a more fulfilling life. For me it is not about walking a linear path to a mundane goal of perfect, achievement or societal success, it is about helping other people to become congruent and take action so you are not that person living a life of quiet desperation.

If you have found this useful, then please let me know.